As a 20’s-something professional I have struggled to find the right balance in my look. Maintaining some sense of youth and playfulness without seeming too of-the-moment. Discovering the right look, bold without being between over-the-top, was effortless at Eclipse Salon & Spa.

From the moment I walked in the door my eyes drifted around the room taking in the stylish earthy tones and sleek furniture lines. I knew I had arrived at a place where style is not created by mass-producing the latest cut but instead is realized uniquely with each individual. The staff is professional courteous and knowledgeable Inside a short conversation you realize that you are at a place where people take their craft seriously.
The experience is serene, relaxing, calming. The outcome is daring, stylish, timeless perfection. Whether you need a quick eyebrow touch up, a totally new cut and color or a day of complete pampering Eclipse Salon & Spa will meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations.
- Nicole Thibodeau

Personally I find Eclipse Salon & Spa offers a very professional, inviting atmosphere.
- Sherille C.